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Coaching is an essential approach for managers and leaders who wish to engage and develop their staff and teams. A Coaching style of management can change the level of empowerment felt by staff and the ownership they take over tasks and their roles. The skills for effective Coaching are highly transferable and will equip managers and leaders with a toolkit to have more effective and productive conversations at all levels.

This course is accredited through the Association for Coaching.


Course Outline

  • What is Coaching and what isn’t Coaching?
  • Why Coaching is an effective management approach
  • When to use Coaching (and when not to use it)
  • Fundamental skills of coaching – listening, relating and asking effective questions
  • A framework for Coaching conversations
  • Using Coaching to empower colleagues and teams
  • The Manager-Coach, how to use Coaching as a Leadership approach

Course Outcomes

By the end of the day, delegates will:

  • Understand how Coaching approaches can be used in the workplace
  • Have had opportunities to develop the fundamental skills of Coaching
  • Know how to structure a conversation to Coach someone to reach a clear action
  • Appreciate the role of the Manager-Coach and the benefits of a Coaching style of Leadership

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with line management responsibility or who is involved in developing others.

How Long Is The Course?

One day.