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As managers and leaders, most of the conversations that we have are unplanned insofar as we don’t consider the language we might use. In this course, we look at how a simple model for understanding personality types can really help us to plan to have more effective and empathetic conversations to effect real change. It also shows us how we can ‘flex’ our own behaviours to ensure that we get the best out of those we work with and for.

In addition, we address the personal motivation of those that we manage, use a model to identify the preferences of those we speak to, and then consider the approaches to become more effective in our communication..


Consider the motivation of colleagues using the Skill-Will matrix

Understand different approaches for managing colleagues who over and underperform

Introduce the concept of personality types

The key skills in developing rapport

Spotting different personality types and flexing your behaviour and language

Becoming more personally effective in having difficult conversations

Who Should Attend?

Any manager or leader who wishes to develop their communication skills.

How Long Is The Course?

This course is a full day, running from 9.30am until 4.30pm.

Delegate Feedback

Understanding Personality Types
Stockport CCG - 20th April 2022

3 delegates completed evaluations, each scoring 4 domains out of 6

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