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We know that people discriminate consciously due either to ignorance or prejudice. What is less well
understood is the process of making choices that discriminate against one group or in favour of
another unintentionally; without us even realising we may be doing it. In fact, this can happen when
we consciously believe that we are un-biased in our decision-making.


This session is all about awareness of this process and the implications; moving things from the
unconscious to the conscious to improve decision making. We then discuss this in relation
recruitment and selection, promotion, performance reviewing, but also in more subtle human
interactions (introducing a colleague, delegating a task, giving feedback, behaviour in meetings,
“micro-behaviours”). It’s designed to be a 3-hour “eye-opener”.

Here is the cycle that we will investigate:
Expectation affects behaviour which affects opinions and beliefs which affect expectation.

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers
  • Receptionists
  • Nurses/HCAs/GPs
  • Great for in-house training

How Long Is The Course?

This is a 3 hour, half day course.

Delegate Feedback

Unconscious Bias
Wigan CCG - 24th September 2020

4 delegates completed evaluations, each scoring 4 domains out of 6

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