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We enjoy spending time supporting teams and individuals in developing their skills and effectiveness in working together, or on their strategic thinking. We have facilitators who really create connections with the people they work with from a variety of different settings, and we can bring their expertise to bear in supporting you in getting either the best out of your team, the time you spend together, or yourself.


Free up your team leaders to be part of the session

Provide impartial guidance through your session

Ensure that team dynamics are focused and constructive

Ensure that conversations remain focused and goal driven

Provide insights into the strengths that you and your team have and where and how you can develop

Provide one-to-one insight to help you become more effective

Challenge you and your teams

Have fun whilst you do it!

Who Should Attend?

New and established teams

Individuals requiring personal development

Strategic types

Delegate Feedback

Team building and away days
Ash Tree House Surgery - 19th June 2018

31 delegates completed evaluations, each scoring 4 domains out of 6

Key Feedback