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It is hard to imagine that we have moved so comprehensively to a primary care environment in which so much is now achieved online.

In spite of this, and most people’s absolutely limited experience of the virtual environment, it has become a part of every day life.

There are limitations, both in what can be achieved, but also in terms of mind set. We would like to share our expertise in not only leading meetings, but also use of different platforms and reframing situations to see the positive.



  • Personal journeys: consider how each participants life has changed with Covid in terms of homeworking and using virtual learning and virtual meetings. Recognising one’s own mindset regarding managing virtually.
  • What really works? What do people miss?
  • Reframing: as team leaders, how do we reframe the new virtual environment to be one that is positive as opposed to people reflecting on ‘the good old days’?
  • What makes for an effective virtual meeting? How do you ensure engagement? How do you limit distractions? How do you utilise technology effectively? How long can people stay focused for in a meeting?
  • Dealing with Access Issues? How do you keep virtual meetings on time and on task when people don’t have cameras/microphones?
  • Using Team’s and Zoom’s capabilities effectively.
  • Practice: We will use breakout rooms for everyone to practice leading a virtual meeting where participant involvement is required to practise the skills described in the session. This will encourage networking, feedback skills and presentation skills as a ‘side effect’.

Who Should Attend?

We feel that this would be a really valuable part of the PM Development Programme.

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Managing Virtual Teams
NWLA (10 delegates) - 19th January 2021

1 delegates completed evaluations, each scoring 4 domains out of 6

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