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Some of the most complex challenges for any manager relate to HR performance and behaviour issues. Perhaps the hardest area to successfully manage is that of behaviour and performance. People inherently believe that they behave well and many feel they are performing adequately too. It can often feel very subjective. This course gives ideas and techniques to help identify what constitutes good behaviours, gaining agreement and how to then manage the process when colleagues do not meet the required standard.


  • Performance, Conduct and Capability, the importance of understanding which is which
  • Managing Individual Performance
  • Setting Performance Targets
  • Supporting good performance, a manager’s role
  • The role of performance reviews
  • Managing performance up, or managing out
  • Maintaining improved performance
  • Performance management and its links to other policies and processes
  • The ACAS ACT Fair process

Who Should Attend?

All managers and team leaders.

How Long Is The Course?

This is a full day (6 hour) course.

Delegate Feedback

Managing Performance and Behaviour
HMR Primary Care Academy - 11th May 2022

2 delegates completed evaluations, each scoring 4 domains out of 6

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