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A truly different look at how to have great conversations with the people we need to look after. This is a great course for all front line staff who interact with the public or clients.

The course aims to remove any ideas of difficult clients (the ones where you take a deep breath when they arrive to speak to you or call on the phone) and aims to replace them with looking at how to gain insights into how the person is feeling and why they may be behaving in the way that they do.

Fundamentally it develops the idealogy that trying to change others is difficult but changing ourselves, our feelings, our emotions and expectations of ourselves is within our grasp. By becoming a little more like the person we are trying to support enables us to have better and more effective communication.

It looks at all aspects of communication, from our choice of introduction, the words we use, our body language and how to develop rapport. It looks at managing people with different expectations and attitudes and how to best ensure that conversations go well.


  • Defining excellent customer care
  • Why first impressions are so critical
  • Understanding why client demand and don’t ask
  • Understand why we feel challenged by ‘unreasonable’ expectations from clients
  • How empathy affects our reactions and how to become more empathetic in challenging conversations
  • Creating more effective team approaches to dealing with challenging people
  • Managing anger and complaints more effectively.
  • Reducing abuse on the phone
  • Managing queues more effectively

Who Should Attend?

  • All front of house staff and telephone teams

How Long Is The Course?

This is a full day course.