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With ever increasing demands on time, it is essential for managers and supervisors to be able to delegate effectively.

Delegation not only frees up your time, but helps to develop others to become more able to support you.  Thoughts such as, ‘it is quicker to do it myself!’ , or, ‘I’ll only end up having to go over it with them!’ tend to be a key excuse not to delegate.

This course helps you to change that mindset, helping you to think about the qualities that your colleagues have. Also, how with carefully selected delegation we can develop the motivation and meaning of work for our team.

The day is conversational in nature, with opportunities for your to think about your own personal delegation strategy and to develop your skills.


What is delegation?

Spotting different personality types and how best to delegate in each case

Recognising how you feel about delegating and how to manage your communication

Inspiring people through delegation

Understanding team development phases

Using different communication strategies to maximise impact

Your personal action plan


Who Should Attend?


Team leaders


How Long Is The Course?

This is a full day course.

Delegate Feedback

Effective Delegation Skills
Crompton Health Centre (6 delegates) - 25th November 2020

2 delegates completed evaluations, each scoring 4 domains out of 6

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