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Having necessary but difficult conversations is one of the great challenges that we all have to face. These conversations can cause a great deal of anxiety as we plan what needs to be said and try to anticipate how it might go. These anxieties and anticipations actually shape the very nature of how we communicate and impact upon our success. The ability to plan conversations in a structured way really enables us to get the best possible outcome with our colleagues and parents too.

The course looks at how we can flex our behaviour by thinking in advance about whom we are speaking to, and how adapting our language and pace can have a real impact upon the outcome of the conversations.


  • Looking at different personality types and how to spot them
  • Considering how flexing our approach to different gives us a greater chance of a successful conversation
  • Recognising what we personally define as difficult conversations (topic, personality, perceptions)
  • Empathising, planning and delivering conversational content
  • Being mindful of personal feelings

Who Should Attend?

  • All managers and team leaders
  • Clinicians
  • Teachers and educationalists
  • Staff with face to face responsibilities
  • Those responsible for appraisal
  • Those responsible for managing complaints.

How Long Is The Course?

This course is a full day (6 hours).